Some examples of what we do:

We help good companies expand into new markets in the Middle East and North Africa. We define good companies those who believe that doing good is not only a marketing tool but an essential reason for their existence. We act as their regional development partners: we identify local distributors, customers, investees or franchisees, we set performance objectives on different levels, we develop the relevant business, social, environmental plans and we supervise their implementation on the ground. We cover different industry sectors and we adapt our fee structure to the needs of our clients.

What we do

We audit different local organizations to make sure that their skills, values and capabilities are adapted to the expansion needs of the companies we represent. Candidate companies/entrepreneurs for potential local roles are assessed along different criteria in addition to their technical capabilities such as how they treat their employees, their community programs, their environmental initiatives, the benefits to their consumers, their leadership and management practices etc. This service can also be relevant to investment funds .

Identification of local distributors/customers/partners /franchisees/investees

In agreement with our clients we define the objectives to attain for every country. We define and quantify sales, share, distribution, operations, marketing, organization, social, environmental and other objectives to attain.

Setting of performance objectives

Building on our expertise in major multinationals and NGOs we work with the local partners to develop the relevant business, social and environmental plans.

Development of relevant programs to achieve the objectives

We monitor the performance on the ground and provide coaching and expertise to make sure agreed upon objectives are met

Supervision of program implementation and performance on the ground