Whose life will my business improve today?

Excellent companies are values driven...their values are transmitted by the personal examples of their leaders

Tom Peters and Robert Waterman- In Search of Excellence

Our Values

We consider ourselves catalysts of positive change and we are driven by a strong set of values:


We serve all our clients, all our associates, all our investors and all our other stakeholders with the highest standards of quality and dedication.


We believe that justice is a fundamental element in building lasting organizations, countries and societies. We apply it to everything we do and to the way we relate to others.


We do what we say and we do it with uncompromising honesty


The businesses we build need to have a positive impact on all including those who are less fortunate.

Humility :

We do not hold the ultimate truth and we respect those who think differently. We believe that as leaders of positive change humility is a strength not a weakness.


We love light . We let light shine on everything we do for all to see.



We strive to dispel misconceptions, foster mutual understanding and reduce tensions among people particularly between the Middle East and the West. We believe that the workplace is a great arena to live out this value.