Businesses can be beacons of light transforming the lives of people, preserving our planet while generating healthy financial returns.


With a population expected to reach nearly 400M by 2015 the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is a new and potentially large market for companies run by values-minded leaders whose core reason for existing is to positively impact the lives of people, become good stewards of the environment, act as role models and be profitable. These good companies are sometimes called blended-value for-benefit organizations (BV) or multiple bottom line businesses (planet, people, profit).

Local initiatives to start BV companies are rare and isolated. Creating sustainable BV companies in MENA is likely to be costly in time and effort due to the shortage of values-minded business leaders with the right ideas, skills and resources.

We believe that expanding tried-and-tested US (B Corp. type) and other foreign BV companies into MENA will be the most effective way to leverage the potential of the region and achieve wide-scale multiple bottom line impact. This will provide local business people with examples of successful models, it will promote mutual understanding and dispel misconceptions among westerners (particularly US) and Arabs and it will create a chain of benefits for both local and foreign companies.

Our mission is therefore to become a main developer of blended-value for-benefit organizations in the Middle East and North Africa as well as other select countries. We build on our years of experience in multinational companies, NGOs, intimate knowledge of the region, vast network of values minded highly professional people to develop organizations aiming to make a difference.